Step #02

Planning Phase

We explain what needs to be done and when to be done in the project. It mostly includes documentation on systematically executing the project, defining tasks, and setting deadlines. Planning is an essential part of getting your project organized.

Step #04

Testing Phase

The testing team can test each feature and function of each page through the mapping we have created. Using the key, they will identify which pages are linked and how navigation moves from page to page. This is also a good time for testers to make sure performance, scalability, and robustness are acceptable.

Step #01

Requirement Gathering

Let’s start with the first step of Everything. We take our time. We ask questions at the right times, and we create detailed briefs. In this phase of software development, all the requirements will be gathered, and their details, Scope of work, accurate timeline & budget of the project are finalized.

Step #03

Design and Coding Phase

The initial Design and Coding Phase is where the magic happens; every stage of working on the product is specifically defined, the code is carefully written. All sketches, wireframes, and prototypes from the Planning Phase come to life.

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On average, software development takes between 3 weeks and 12 weeks, depending on the scope of your project. If you don’t have something in place that can help you manage the scope of your project, it could take even longer.
To get started, we will need you to share a bit more about the details of your project. For example, what is the purpose of this project, and what are the goals, what are your business challenges, your deadline?
We guarantee the quality of our work by adhering to a time-tested development and testing process. All of our software projects follow an agile workflow that is optimized for building and releasing high-quality code quickly. They’re also meticulously quality-assured to guarantee that the software we deliver is bug-free and of the highest standards.

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